Ibiza Catering Service

Your most exclusive service

At La Santa, we understand the significance of your most special events, and that’s why we make them our own as well. We offer an exclusive and personalized catering service, accommodating all types of private events. We provide impeccable catering service in Ibiza, offering high-quality gourmet menus with fresh ingredients.
Estela Calzón tomando una foto con su móvil a una mesa de catering

What does our catering service in Ibiza offer?

We carefully craft the menu that best suits your needs and meet your desires and expectations. Additionally, we work with a limited number of services to ensure the highest level of personalization and enthusiasm in each of them.


Top chefs
at your service

High quality


Choose Your Event Type

Hombre y mujer vestidos de novios dándose un beso

Wedding Catering

Rollitos de calabacín como tapas

Additional Catering Services

In addition to our catering and private chef services, we also provide additional services to make your event a complete experience.

We can arrange decorations, wine and liquor selection, hiring of extra staff, and everything necessary to make your event truly exceptional.

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