Ibiza Weddings Catering Service in Ibiza

It’s one of the most dreamed-of moments in your life, and at La Santa, we are very aware of that. The value of empathy in our team makes each event feel like our own, and that’s why we’re going to work hand in hand for perfection down to the tiniest detail. From creating dreamy table decorations to crafting memorable menus. Contact us, and we’ll share all the details about our catering for weddings in Ibiza.
“Let’s turn your dreams into reality!

An exclusive catering service for Ibiza weddings

We work with a maximum of 5 weddings per year to dedicate all the attention and time that such an important event as your wedding day deserves. We make your event our own and go above and beyond to provide you with exclusive and top-quality service.

We carefully study every detail to exceed your expectations for your day, working closely with you in the event creation process to understand your culinary needs and preferences.

Gran mesa con platos, cubierto y copas decorada par una boda en Ibiza
Decoración de mesa para boda con flores, entrantes y tarta

Do you want to get married in Ibiza

Allow us to be a part of your wedding day

A perfect wedding that reflects your personal style!
Adornos florales de mesa para una boda

Elegant and Impeccable Presentation

We offer impeccable presentation to ensure that your banquet table is stunning and elegant, paying attention to every little detail, from table decor to the placement of dishes and cutlery.

Our team of professionals will take care of every aspect of the service during your wedding. From welcoming guests to personalized attention, we ensure that every detail is attended to, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day.

Elements and decoration ideas for your Ibiza-themed wedding

Add a unique and original touch to your Ibiza-themed wedding with our photo booths, perfect for couples planning to get married in Ibiza. These themed decor setups offer your guests a fun experience, where they can enjoy taking photos. Whether it’s a beach wedding, an elegant indoor venue, or a nighttime garden affair, our photocall service in Ibiza will make your celebration a success.

Decoración y catering de bodas en Ibiza

Additionally, we also offer catering for events and celebrations, tailoring every detail to ensure your menu is perfect and personalized according to the style of your wedding.

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