Catering service on boat in Ibiza

If you’re planning to spend the day at sea, enjoying the wonderful waters of the islands, our catering service on boat and yatchs in Ibiza is perfect for you. We prepare a selection of dishes for you to savor on board. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy the on-board chef service, turning your boat into the finest restaurant.

Estela Calzón, chef en Ibiza posando a bordo de un barco

1. On-board Private Chef

We have a team of professionals with all the necessary qualifications to work aboard any yacht. Whether sailing around Ibiza, anchoring in the paradisiacal waters of Formentera, or enjoying the tranquility or excitement of the harbor, our chef will create a menu tailored to your tastes and preferences. They will handle the shopping and prepare everything so that you can fully enjoy this experience. We always use the finest products from the island, fresh and of high quality.

2. On-board Catering

We have a wide selection of dishes for you to enjoy on board your boat. From sushi to wonderful salads, pasta, sandwiches, canapés, or appetizer platters. We deliver it perfectly packaged so you can enjoy a wonderful day of sailing with your loved ones without missing a thing.
Mesa de catering en un barco con decoración marina y una gran variedad de platos
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