Ibiza chef at home for your holidays Villas, yachts, boats and events

Would you like to experience an unforgettable culinary journey without having to worry about a thing? We offer you a team of chefs at home in Ibiza who create customized menus to your liking, using fresh and highest quality ingredients. Whether it’s breakfast, a special event with friends, an intimate dinner, a sushi night, a bbq party or even a gourmet experience for a larger group, our service of Private Chef Ibiza at home for your holidays, villas, yachts, boats, and events provides a wide variety of gourmet menus that we will cook at your home, villa, yacht, or wherever you desire. Moreover, we leave your kitchen impeccable!

Estela Calzón delante de una mesa preparada para servir la comida en un barco

What types of private chef services at home in Ibiza can I choose from?

We offer different types of completely personalized services according to your needs and those of your guests. You will not only enjoy exceptional food, but also a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere. Our private chefs are true culinary artists, experts in blending local and international flavors to create dishes that will delight your senses. From gourmet dishes to vegan and gluten-free options, we have the versatility to cater to any culinary preference.

Private chef at home service Ibiza

With the Private Chef cook at Home service, our chefs will bring to your table the most exquisite flavors, using only fresh products and the highest quality ingredients. We cook the menu you have previously chosen in your home. Let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavors of the island while your personal chef prepares delicious dishes in your own kitchen!

Private chef full time for villas:

Your full-time private chef or the one you need for your vacations, long stays, or trips in Ibiza. Enjoy an exquisite breakfast or brunch prepared exclusively for you, a gourmet lunch, and dinner, without having to worry about anything. If you want to celebrate a special occasion, we can also arrange a personalized catering.


Enjoy delicious menus directly on your boat. Our private chef for yachts will serve you a wide variety of previously prepared dishes or for delivery wherever you tell us. And if you are planning a special celebration at sea, our team of chefs can also organize a catering service for your boat or yacht in Ibiza. From gourmet appetizers to luxury dinners, we ensure that every detail is perfectly executed to make your event a success.


Would you like to surprise your guests with a unique culinary experience? We help you with all kinds of events: a birthday, an elegant party, a barbecue, or a corporate event. Our team of private chefs from La Santa will take care of all the details so that you can fully enjoy your celebration. Additionally, if you need help with the organization of your event or parties in Ibiza, we can also assist you so that you can relax and enjoy along with your guests.

How to hire your private chef or cook at home in Ibiza easily and quickly?

Hiring your personal chef with La Santa is very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps and amaze your guests.

Contact con la Santa:

Tell us what you need. You can customize the menu based on your tastes and/or dietary restrictions.

Hire your private chef at home

We assign you a chef and coordinate the dates for your event. From there, we get to work to ensure that every detail is perfect.


Our personal chef takes care of everything, from the table to the food. They will come with fresh local products and cook them in your own home, on a private boat, or wherever you want. We adapt to any kitchen.

Relax and enjoy

With our private chef service La Santa Ibiza , we take care of everything so you can simply enjoy. From preparation to service, and even cleaning. We leave your kitchen impeccable!

Would you like to see our delicious menus?

We prepare all types of cuisine: Mediterranean, Japanese, vegan… Choose the menu you like the most, they all perfectly adapt to a wide variety of options such as family gatherings, gatherings with friends, or business meals. And considering dietary intolerances, vegan food…
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